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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How high is the Bungy ?
Answer  50 metres high.

Q.  Is it safe ?
Answer  Yes. Company operations are overseen by S.A.N.Z. (Standards Association of New Zealand) Registered Jump Master.

Q.  Can two people jump together ?
Answer  Yes, two people can jump together (Tandem). The jump price is per person.

Q.  Can I touch the water ?
Answer  Yes, you have the option to touch the water.

Q.  How long have you been operating ?
Answer  We have been operating since 1992.

Q.  Can I do a Catapult Bungy (Reverse Bungy) ?
Answer  Yes. The maximum weight is 85kgs.

Q.  Is there an age limit ?
Answer  No, but you must weight 35kgs or more.

Q.  Is there a maximum weight limit ?
Answer  Yes. The maximum weight is 235kgs.

Q.  What are your operating hours ?
Answer  We are open 9am - 6pm, 7 days a week.

Q.  Where are you located ?
Answer  We are located 10 minutes from Patong Beach in Kathu, near the Go-Kart tracks.

Q.  How can I book ?
Answer  Just click onto our bookings page.

Q.  How much is it for a jump ?
Answer  Just click onto our bookings page to view the prices.

Q.  Do you jump over water ?
Answer  Yes. You jump over a beautiful jungle lagoon.

Q.  Do you have Crocodiles in the lake ?
Answer  Not today.

Q.  How can I get to your Bungy ?
Answer  Click onto our bookings page.



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